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Zombie Marinade

Grilled Flank Steak and Zombie Marinade

Start a party in your mouth with this great steak recipe! Don’t forget to dip each bite of meat in Zach’s Zombie Sauce. Grilled Marinated Flank Steak Zombie Style.

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Hot Pepper Sauces Are Good For You

Hot peppers are addictive and totally good for you. A natural compound in the chili peppers we use here at Zach’s Zombie Sauces-Marinades leaves you feeling relaxed and happy, while, at the same time, speeding up the metabolism to burn unwanted body fat..

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We won! We won!

Zach’s Zombie Sauces-Marinades wins two ribbons in this year’s Fiery Food Challenge, ZestFest 2012. The Fiery Food Challenge is the longest running, most prestigious competition of zesty products in the industry.

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The Abomination Burger

While the cheese is melting toast the 2 burger buns and fry the eggs
Remove the burgers from the grill or frying pan and put them on the burger buns. Put 2 slices of chicken on each burger

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Grilled Zombie Baby Back Ribs

Grilled Zombie Baby Back Ribs, add 24 ounces Zach’s Zombie Marinade to the bag and refrigerate overnight

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Chili Pepper Trivia

PEPPERS ARE ADDICTIVE! The good news is that you quickly grow tolerant of the heat.
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