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Shop our hot sauce store for the Zombie and it’s irresistable partners.

Zach’s Sweet Pepper Chutney is a 2012 ZestFest Fiery Food Challenge winner. This fancy sweet pepper chutney relish is perfect on hotdogs, burgers or brats. It’s also great for scooping up with your favorite chip, or in just about any dish that calls for relish. Zach’s Sweet Pepper Chutney is available with a Spicy Kick, or it can be ordered with No Heat. Either way, you’ll definitely moan your approval.

Zach’s Marinade was a winner in the 2012 ZestFest Fiery Food Challenge Cook-Off for Asian Marinade and Spices. Asian peppers breathe a whisper of warmth into the dark soy broth of our ginger and garlic laced marinade. This is a fabulous meat marinade or grilling sauce. It deliciously enhances the flavor of everything from steaks, ribs and chicken, to grilled vegetables or tofu. Brush Zach’s Marinade on grilled shish kebabs for a taste to die for.

Zach’s Genuine Caribbean Zombie Sauce is our answer to mojo sauce. From Zach’s family of gourmet hot sauce products, our blend of island spices, Scotch Bonnets and Habanero peppers (with just the right amount of brown sugar) is as smooth as an island breeze and as hot as the Caribbean sun! Zach’s Genuine Caribbean Zombie Sauce is certified “absolutely authentic” by discriminating Caribbean zombies. Really! So wake up the dead, mon. This is not your average hot sauce.

Zach’s Salsa is guaranteed to tantalize your tastebuds with a zesty fiesta of flavor! Whether scooped up with tortills chips, added to chili, or as the exciting taste in your tacos.. Zach’s new spicy hot Salsa is the perfect way to pep up all of your favorite foods. Zach’s Salsa is only availible only at Zach’s Hot Sauce Store.

Zach’s Zombie Sauce is the thick, smooth seductive blend of peppery warmth and fine spices that delivers both heat, and flavor. We’ve always had a soft spot for Dawn of the Dead and spicy concoctions, but the watery, one-dimensional hot sauces that deliver mouth-melting heat with no flavor left us wanting more.. flavor, that is. We knew we could create something better, so we started blending exotic peppers and spices from India, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Europe and South America, to create a hot sauce with both heat, and delicious flavor.

So there you have it. These fine gourmet hot sauceszesty condiments and asian marinade are available for your enjoyment from Zach’s Hot Sauce Store. Our sauces are vegan, made with fresh ingredients, low in sodium, and contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial colors or chemical preservatives. Original Zach’s Zombie Sauce, Zach’s Genuine Caribbean Zombie Sauce, Zach’s Sweet Pepper Chutney, Zach’s Salsa and Zach’s Marinade. When you indulge in a hot sauce or zesty condiment from our hot sauce store, you always know that you’re getting a superior hot sauce product. Just hot sauce, marinades and condiments for hardcore hot sauce enthusiasts.

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Chili Pepper Trivia

Peppers are rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Niacin, Potassium, Riboflavin and Thiamin.

A compound found in chili peppers (Capsaicin) is known to reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and ward off heart attacks and strokes.

Food safety: Chiles can reduce harmful bacteria on food.

PEPPERS ARE ADDICTIVE! The good news is that you quickly grow tolerant of the heat.

People who regularly eat chiles are generally healthier than people who don't.

The smaller and thinner the pepper, the hotter it will be.

Chiles are not vegetables but fruits.

The heat in a chile comes from an oil called Capsaicin.

Chiles are a known aphrodisiac. They also cause the brain to release opiate-like endorphins giving a person a feeling of well-being.

Chiles are eaten daily by 25% of the world's population.

Red chili peppers have more Vitamin A than carrots.

After salt, chiles are the most common spice in the world.

The Red Savina Habanero holds the title for the world's hottest chili pepper.

Contrary to what many believe, the seeds are NOT the source of heat in a chili pepper. The real heat is in the placenta which attaches the seeds to the pod.

Chiles are the perfect diet food. They're low in calories, increase the body's metabolism, add flavor to healthy foods, and curb the appetite.

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