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Caribbean Sauce - Move over Mojo Sauce - Zach's Zombie Hot Sauces

Zach's Caribbean Sauce


caribbean sauce hot sauceCaribbean Sauce – Jamaican Sauce

Zach’s Genuine Caribbean Sauce is a traditional West Indies sauce from Zach’s family of gourmet hot sauces. Our blend of island spices, Scotch Bonnets and Habanero peppers (with just the right amount of brown sugar) is as smooth as an island breeze and as hot as the Caribbean sun. Move over mojo sauce. Zach’s Caribbean Sauce is certified as “absolutely authentic” by discriminating Caribbean zombies!

Zach’s Caribbean Sauce is island spicy delicious in all the dishes you add Jamaican sauce or mojo sauce to, and on any food that calls for hot sauce. This hot sauce is especially good with meats and poultry (Like Jerk Chicken and jamaican sauce? We have an easy and scrumptious Jamaican Jerk Chicken Salad recipe in Zach’s blog) and it makes the yummiest marinaded chicken wings. Grilled shrimp becomes infused with spicy, exotic flavor when brushed with Zach’s, and you don’t even want to know what it does to ribs or pulled pork. The heavenly aroma is enough to make you chew through your lower lip, impatiently waiting for the meat to get done. It’s great in vegetables and chili, on your favorite chip, or anyplace, anywhere, and any food that tastes better with hot sauce, or Jamaican Sauce or Mojo Sauce.

And as with all of Zach’s hot sauces, Zach’s Genuine Caribbean Sauce is vegan, made with fresh ingredients, is low in sodium, and contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial colors or chemical preservatives. Plus Habanero peppers and Scotch Bonnet peppers are both deliciously hot and nutritious when used to make premium hot sauces like ours. They’re packed with vitamin C and have more vitamin A than carrots! They’re also a healthy source for the vitamin B-complex group, iron, potassium, and a whole host of other nutrients. Plainly put, hot sauce is good for you.

So indulge to your heart’s content, while at the same time adding the exciting flavor of our hot sauces to all of your favorite foods. Add it to any food in place of jamaican sauce and mojo sauce, or as your new favorite hot sauce. And as with original Zach’s Zombie Sauce, using the promo code SUMMERHEAT takes 15% off a case of Zach’s Genuine Caribbean Sauce


Genuine Caribbean Sauce

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