We won! We won!

Cook Off category – Asian Seasoning or Marinade:  3rd place, Zach’s Zombie Marinade – Asian peppers breathe a whisper of warmth into the dark soy broth of our ginger and garlic-laced marinade.

Condiments: Relish (Hot) – Consumer Ready: 3rd place, Zach’s Sweet Pepper Chutney - The perfect blend for scooping salsa chips, slathering onto hot dogs, sausage, burgers, and other stuff.

The Fiery Food Challenge is the longest running, most prestigious competition of zesty products in the industry.

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Phone: (407) 680-3818
Sales: orders@zachszombiesauce.com
Other: web@zachszombiesauce.com

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Chili Pepper Trivia

PEPPERS ARE ADDICTIVE! The good news is that you quickly grow tolerant of the heat.

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Zach's Sweet Pepper Chutney

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